Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, in the Torah

I came across this video from Rav Glazerson, shlita, about Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, as he is encoded in the Torah.  Enjoy:
The codes start in Parshas Pinchas, who is believed to be Eliyahu Hanavi.  Eliyahu Hanavi will come to us in the end of days to announce Moshiach.  I am not saying that Rav Nir Ben Artzi is Eliyahu, just that it is a very appropriate place for the Rav to be encoded in the Torah.  This video gives me even more chizuk to listen to Rav Ben Artizi's messages.


  1. the problem i have with rabbi glazerson and the torah codes is that he had a video up that predicted some type of "end of the world" occurence in December 2012 just like the Mayans had. Evidently, nothing happened december 2012 so I take what rabbi glazerson with a grain of salt. Also, rabbi nir ben artzi is not a prophet. He claims to know what will happen and acts as if he is prophesying - this is very very assure in the Torah. There is only ruach hakodesh now-a-days not prophecy and i'm sorry to say but i dont believe rabbi nir ben artzi has that.

    1. Let us get some facts established. The Mayans never predicted the “end of the world.” That statement came from the ignorant, sensationalist media who sold more press time with that story than the truth. It is too complicated to review the Mayan prophecy here, but suffice it to say that it is in total agreement with the codes that Rav Glazerson found in the Torah and the Rav’s book: The Mayan Culture and Judaism which covers the subject brilliantly.

      Hashem gave us the test of prophecy in Parshas Shoftim (Deuteronomy 18:15-22). Since Rav Ben Artzi has easily passed the test Hashem established, it is up to each one of us to say whether we want to call him a prophet or not. The fact is every message that the Rav Ben Artzi, Rav Keduri, many other Gedolim and Mekubalim, Ben Golden, Moishela, Galia, Daniel, etc, has said over decades, has come true. I don’t really care whether you want to call them prophetic, I just know it is foolhardy to ignore their messages, since they give every indication that they are coming from Hashem.

      Be aware that it is brought down that prophecy will return in the end of days. As an example, it says in Bava Basra 12b that prophecy will be given to the children and those who are not able to speak (that is a loose translation for Shotim which is often translated as deranged people, but pertains exactly to the Facilitated Communications individuals who have given us miraculous and accurate predictions).

  2. I watched a video recently about the abduction of Rav Ben Artzi by men in his inner circle.If anyone want's to visualize the evil King David wrote about in his Tehillim, these are the men. Is there anything more frightening then the unveiling of evil in a religious disguise? I thought however when the video immortalized the trips they took into galut - Disneyland etc etc., it became very clear to me these weren't destinations made by Rav Ben Artzi. Why modest, holy G-d fearing Jew wants to go to the places they took him? If anything they want to get as far away from them as possible. My question, Rav Menachem does he meet with ordinary people who seek his blessing and advice? How does one meet the Rav?

    1. Unfortunately, we live in a time of Sheker. It is not easy to figure out the truth from the falsehood when you have so many so-called experts telling you their OPINION (and that is often what it is -- not scholarship). That is why I try to only use Hashem as my source of Absolute Truth. I have even written in my blog, I don't want anyone to believe a thing that I say, I want you to see Hashem's opinion, only. If it agrees with what I have posted, then believe it.

      Rav Ben Artzi has not really made any prediction that cannot be found in Jewish scriptures. He is basically telling us when and, in many cases, who is fulfilling the prophecy. You always are free to check the information further, I just stress the urgency of reacting due to the imminent nature and possible danger of what he is saying.

      So far as you talking to him. The one problem is you will need good Hebrew skills since the Rav is not an English speaker. To get more information, go to his website at: http://tairneri.co.il/ and click on שאלות לרב ובקשת ברכה I know English speakers that have talked to him using an interpreter.