Sunday, November 12, 2017

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Menachem is in the hospital.  He is unable to answer any e-mails at this time.  Please do not send him anything.  He will post as soon as he is home and well.
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Standing On One Foot: Parshat Chayei Sarah

Another excellent video from Harry's Video Blog:

Good Shabbos to all my readers and all your loved ones.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Chayei Sarah, 16 Marcheshvan 5778, 5.11.17

The Holy One, Blessed be He, will come to the rabbis in a dream with a vision and inform them of whom He has chosen for the King Messiah! The Creator will write to them exactly, whom He has chosen as the King Messiah. There will be a yellow card and holy letters inscribed on a parchment like a Torah scroll, where they will be told in Aramaic who is the King Messiah! Then, they will have no choice and they will recognize the King Messiah. From above they will be told: The choice is in your hands. Either you reveal him or the Creator of the world will disturb you in trouble and will not let go until you reveal and speak to the people of Israel. Then they will come back and say who the Messiah king is. They will show the vision of this inscription on the parchment:

I, the L-rd, command you to say and to show who is the King Messiah, the man of G-d chosen by HIM.

The Creator can no longer wait and see the suffering of the Jews, in Israel and abroad. The light of the Messiah, each time a different light and another color.

The Messiah continues to operate normally. The Holy One, Blessed is He, gives him good visions, accompanies him step by step, grows him up and will reveal him in public in the near future! Jews, just understand, when the Messiah will be revealed in public, he will shake the lives of everyone in the whole world and shock the whole world, and no man, no country, no airplane, ship or missile will touch the land of Israel forever! The people of Israel are a chosen people chosen by the Holy One, blessed be He, and whoever believes that he is a Jew chosen from all the nations and believes in the Messiah and the redemption he will be in the first circle with Messiah our righteous.

Thanks to the IDF soldiers, we sleep, work, study Torah and pray safely; the Holy One, Blessed be He, is very angry at anyone who wants to harm IDF soldiers, to speak badly, slander or do personal harm. The Creator says: 'You shall not be protected; the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces shall not protect you, neither in the land nor in the heavens.'

Israeli planes and pilots departing on their missions, angels of heaven escorting, directing and returning them to peace are doing their job and returning safely to their places.

Gaza Strip, more tunnels will be discovered in the Gaza Strip. The King Messiah places in the souls and minds of high-ranking functionaries the tunnel testers, everywhere, and directs them in the best possible way. The missions will be successful without the feeling that the Messiah is directing them until he is revealed.

All the tunnels dug by the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere in order to abduct IDF soldiers, G-d forbid, both on the northern border and on the southern border.

The Holy One, blessed be He, encompasses all the borders of Israel, guards and protects us, and we will protect our souls. Do not believe any Palestinian, Hamas or non-Jew with a blue identity card, especially in Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. Be wary of them, for themselves they do not pity. They have hatred and evil in their minds and hearts, to destroy and demolish, they do not know why and for what reason, just free hatred. Jews, be careful of them.

Egypt, Sisi is fed up with everyone, he wants to get rid of ISIS the extremist Muslims, the Palestinians and Hamas, and he cannot find a solution.

Iran knows that it does not pay to deal with Israel. They know that the IDF knows every missile and missile in Iran, where it is located and where it is going. Both in Lebanon and in Syria.

The Holy One, blessed be He, shines to the soldiers show them where each missile is located, and the Holy One, blessed be He, directly accompanies the Israel Air Force and the pilots.

Syria will be destroyed, destroyed, destroyed. ISIS members are reborn and the Syrians are fighting each other all their lives.

Trump was chosen by a big miracle. The Holy One, blessed be He, chose him only to help the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel without taking in account any country in the world. If he does not do his mission from the Almighty, so that they will not touch any inch of the Holy Land and help the Jewish people and the Jews, then there will be severe blows in the United States and he will not have time to scratch his head, because he would be busy repairing and renovating the US. If he does the will of Hashem, he will have all the good in the world.

Russia wants to capture and control the entire Middle East.

North Korea and Kim, get rid of all those who threaten. All must get out of the tree and it'll all be over.

Turkey, ISIS is in control, Erdogan kills a lot of Turks and his people are now preparing a revolution to kill him.

Iraq no change, same situation.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have old missiles, and Nasrallah thinks that if he talks and threatens, the old and simple missiles will be special and sophisticated. He does not have sophisticated missiles like he publishes, the IDF blows everything up, and Hezbollah strength has dropped by 50 percent.

Lebanon wants calm. Iran, Hezbollah, and Nasrallah want it to be a station for their forces to disrupt Israel. They did not succeed in Syria, they want to conquer and control Lebanon.

Jordan is waiting Trump and Trump is waiting for Jordan. There is in Jordan an explosion of wild animals.

The Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators are suffering from very serious diseases. Many Jews are infected and this is a danger to life. Some will never be cured of the disease.

All the Jewish parents must keep their children from assimilation, drugs, gambling and drinking.

All the people involved with bribery, deceit, and trickery, from the small to the big, will all be caught.

The world will continue to see strong floods, severe winds, fire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and all sorts of complicated things. The whole world is in chaos and Gog and Magog, nothing is going right. Everything is faulty.

The Land of Israel is the source of the blessing, especially when Shabbat is observed. Rain will fall in its time. Everything is good in the Land of Israel, all excellent. The Holy One, Blessed be He, dwells in the Holy Land, from the Holy Land He is overlooking the whole world and every country that tries to harm the Land of Israel or take parts of the Holy Land, the Creator of the world will punish it very severely with very harsh blows.

The Messiah works and Jews be happy – the Messiah is close to being revealed out in public!

Repent and turn from bitter to sweet! Every Jew who believes he is a true Jew will be in the first circle!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What does the eternal soul do in the next world once it is cleansed of its sins?

Watch this fascinating short video from a Rabbi Alon Anava who had a near death experience, went to Heaven and came back to life with knowledge of what it is like in the next world. He was a secular Jew who saw the absolute truth and realized the only way to survive and thrive in this life and for all eternity is by turning to Hashem and following His ways.

The biggest reason that I wanted to show this video, which was made about six years ago, is to disclose how important this information is for the near future on Earth. It is not just leaving this life and going on, but the fact that this world is about to change with the time of the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. All the details that the Rabbi is telling us that is necessary for Heaven is imperative for surviving and thriving in the world of goodness and truth about to happen on planet Earth. Even the tremendous joy in Heaven that the Rabbi telling us is beyond our comprehension will be on Earth and also will be beyond our human comprehension.

Preparing for the near future is so important for us and our loved ones; don’t miss out on this gift from Hashem.

To learn more about Rabbi Alon Anava and the whole life after death story, go to his website:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We Must Escape from the Wicked

Jerusalem, Communication with Binyamin, 28 Tishrei 5778, Message no. 290

This is a Google translation of part of the newest message from Binyamin.  It is not the entire message, but it covers subjects that I believe to be of interest to my readers:

I feel every day, every moment that I just want to cry and cry. My heart breaks and all my tears spill from my heart. I do not know what to do either. I pray to Hashem day and night to save us because I feel the calamities that are about to be in our world.

All volcanoes under the ocean and over the ocean, hurricanes, tornadoes, huge fires, etc., as well as earthquakes, all the natural disasters that usually occur in such quantity and size during a century, now it has shrunk into a few, and it is clear that Hashem speaks to us, warns us that there is going to be a disaster. Everything is written and clear, and those who know a little bit can learn a book, even translated into different languages. For hundreds of years, or even thousands of years, and we heard it from our great generation and throughout the generations who told us what would happen, maybe here and there they said a little differently, but All in all it's the same thing everyone said.

And now we see clearly that this is happening, and those who do not see it either he has a spiritual blockage, or he is stupid, or he is simply evil and does not want to know, so wicked that he is certain that he, together with Satan, truly forever.

And Hashem gives them the possibility to think like that, he gives them all the possibilities, like Nimrod had a huge desire to build the Tower of Babel, really easy, such a huge project you cannot believe that in those days people could do such a thing, such a huge structure. Then they came almost to the clouds, and began to shoot arrows into the clouds [Sanhedrin 98,] as if they could harm Hashem. Look what fools! He gave them the power to reach the clouds, but in a small thing he lowered them all with this huge structure.

Hashem gives to the wicked even in our generation, which is the hardest generation ever, he gives them strength. They know these villains do things; they have technology to take a certain situation at sea and help nature to produce very dangerous hurricanes. And they also have technology to target them, the hurricanes, although with technology it's not one hundred percent accurate, and it does not always work, but it's successful enough to cause problems. They do all kinds of things as if they were a deity. Hashem gives them a possibility to do, but not everything that happens in the world is what they do. They certainly do not have the power and the technology to do all the disasters in the world. Most of the disasters in the world come from the fact that the star Nibiru is coming, a small sun with seven planets around it, that when it gets closer and closer, then there will be real chaos in the world.

And as we talked, we already see the 'chaos' in the world, with hurricanes and fires and earthquakes, and so on, the sinkholes that are opening up, which we see more and more in our world. It would be worse than all the animals that are extinct, and all kinds of animals that disappear completely. There are many weather changes. There is a drought where there was water, and a lot of water where once was drought. Everything has changed. Millions and maybe billions of fish die all the time, and that's not for nothing. It's not like the villains want us to believe it came as a result of the air pollution; no, it comes from the influence of Nibiru on the Earth.

We know that Hashem will save every true Jew, but I repeatedly ask you to return to Hashem, because if you are real Jewish souls and you are fleeing from the truth, Hashem will catch you as if to force you to return to the truth. This is the best thing that can only be! And it will not only save our life, life forever, but we will save everything, all of creation.

Hashem created the world for us, for the Jewish soul, to develop, to grow, to be ready for His most important work in the end, and to be the eternal Servant of Hashem, and it is more fun than all the television programs or stupid movies or all the games and gymnastics and the Olympics and all that nonsense, it'll be ... I do not even know how to describe it.